How to sand a timber floor in preparation for polishing

sand-the-floorThe first thing that is done before a floor can be polished is sanding it. Before sanding the floor you have to make sure that all nails are below the surface. Nail all the visible nails below the surface so that they will not destroy the sanding materials. Visit for details.

After ensuring that all nails are below the surface of the floor you can start sanding the floor. Put the sanding paper in the drum sander. Follow the instructions manual to make sure you do it correctly. If the floor needs a lot of sanding start with a rough paper and graduate to finer paper later. The drum head of the drum sander should be sitting on the floor. Drop the drum head slowly to the surface of the floor to avoid damaging the floor. Good results are achieved when the drum sander is pushed along the direction of grains of the floor boards. You should sand each row of floor boards at a time. For an even finish make sure you maintain the same pace throughout the sanding process. When you finish a row, lift the drum head using the lever and drop it at the beginning of the next row.

A drum sander may not be effective in sanding the edges tight corners and the sides of the skirting. Use detail sanders in those areas. Detail sanders will reach those areas that the drum sander will not reach. With a detail sander you do not have to move heavy furniture and cupboards. Always move a sander at a gradual and even motion for good results.